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MIZPAH® is an Internationally Registered Trademark in several classes (including Jewellery /Jewelry – EU & UK).

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MIZPAH® is a EU Community Trademark

Trade mark name : MIZPAH
Trade mark No : 001803220
Expiry Date : 10/08/2020
Status of renewal: Renewed

Filing date: 10/08/2000
Date of registration: 23/11/2001
Expiry Date:10/08/2020
Nice Classification: 3, 14, 16
Trade mark: Individual
Type of mark: Word
Acquired distinctiveness: No
Applicant’s reference: 9-2441/00-EU
Filing language: German
Second language: English

Nice Classification: 3
List of goods and servicesPerfume, scented water, scented oils.

Nice Classification: 14
List of goods and servicesPrecious metals and their alloys and goods in precious metals or coated therewith; jewellery, precious stones; jewellery made from natural materials, semi-precious stones, hand ornaments and devotional objects of semi-precious stone, real jewellery, fashion accessories, costume jewellery, medals, toy clocks.

Nice Classification: 16
List of goods and servicesGift articles, namely key rings, stickers, posters, calendars, writing paper, paperweights, books, greetings cards; printed magazines.


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