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Mizpah® Vintage Style Silver Ring


Solid 925 Sterling Silver. Weight ca. 2.9g
How about a magical ring of love in a stunning vintage style design, emblazoned with Mizpah, the legendary blessing of trust, affection and protection?
The solid Mizpah® Silver Vintage Style Ring is made in the UK of fine 925 Sterling silver that has been intricately carved to perfection. The ring symbolises the eternal connection between two truly dedicated partners and is ideal as a unique commitment or promise ring.
This antique style silver MIZPAH® Relationship Ring™ reminds of the wonderful the bond over time and space between two hearts. It will bring reassurance of your love as well as hope and light every time your significant other or loved one looks at it.
Ring sizes are easy to alter by any good working jeweller.

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M, P, T


ca. 3.2g


925 Silver


Designed by Helena Lind. Made by artisans in the UK.


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