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Mizpah® Jewelry & Gifts


Experience unique, precious jewellery and gifts of love, meaning and inspiration. Ancient wisdom and beautiful tradition meet intricate design, solid fine metals, high quality Western engineering and artistic craftsmanship. Enjoy the perfect marriage of a legendary blessing with protective symbolism. Be enchanted and make your loved ones feel happy, united and protected. Mizpah means: wherever you go, wherever you are, heavenly blessing travels with you on the wings of my loving heart to protect yours, always.

People will look more than once or twice. Quality shines bright. Be prepared to be complimented often. And if you gift an original Mizpah, get ready for hugs and kisses. But there is so much more to talk about than ‘just’ a stunning piece of jewelry, made with affection and dedication to standards of a time when jewels were expected to adorn and to last.

Wear and give a Mizpah as affectionate memento of the one you cherish, and their love will always be with you and them. Because its not just a physical adornment. Mizpah jewelry is a reflection of the human heart. No matter the distance, no matter the duration, true love between two souls endures forever. Now, how much Mizpah jewelry is too much? It depends on how big your heart is! Traditional rings, pendants and gemstones fill your jewelry box. Mizpah fills your heart.

Experience that mystical sheen playing on the raised design of each meaningful ivy leaf or inscription. Enjoy the tactile feeling of Mizpah® Jewels and let their benediction speak to you or a loved one through look and touch. And look forward with us to our upcoming gift- and homeware collection.

Perhaps you’ve noticed- we like to be a little different. Its because we know that our customers expect more than average items, more than hollow phrases and more than just jewelry. For example: we don’t exploit people. We don’t use inferior materials. We prefer to cooperate with small artisan companies and we don’t manufacture in Asian sweat shops or heartless mega-factories. And we here at mizpah.com don’t tolerate cheaply made, lightweight or unethical product.

Yes, we believe in love and kindness. And we believe in creating and selling good things; good jewelry. Call us old fashioned. Furthermore, we’re proud to ask very fair and reasonable prices, especially in comparison to big retail, the latter often depending on lower quality, mass produced imports to be able to sustain huge mark ups for sometimes arguable substance or value.

Thank you for considering fine jewelry and gifts by Mizpah®. Magnificently made. Designed by inspiration. Home & lifestyle tokens of love & protective accessories; storied, powerful blessing included.

May peaceful unity and beautiful serenity weave angelic magic for your happiness and safety. Love is more precious than gold, silver or gemstones. Love shines brighter than any diamond or precious metal.

Mizpah is love: the jewel of the heart.