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Meaningful Mizpah

Meaningful Mizpah

Sometimes I stop and look at my personal Mizpah locket, only to realise the magnificent, beautiful wisdom and the spiritual reassurance it weaves, over and over again. It grounds me. Anchors my soul. Because you see, it’s not about the material  jewel, it is this amazing word Mizpah and it’s sublime meaning that is the true treasure here.

We are all getting increasingly aware that we are living in an age of uncertainty. The more important I think it is, to remember how far, on the other end, humanity has come and how lucky so many of us are to live rather secure lives, to being in the position to see our kids grow up safely, to have so many lifestyle choices and a wealth of learning and information at our fingertips through the Internet. No matter what goes, what rages on around us, life was never as comfortable as it is now. Sadly not for all, but at least for many. Work in progress. Because we can do a lot better. For everyone.

We need to look back down history lane a bit more often to appreciate what we’ve got today. It was tough to be alive, even for the better off, for instance: people never knew if the next rainfall soaking their clothes would not bring a bad cold and the risk of their untimely demise from pneumonia within a few days. Class and status, albeit still somehow thriving today, played a stifling role and severely limited aspirations and real life chances.

Them good old days weren’t always that good after all said and done. People relied a lot on faith and hope to keep at it and to stay somehow cheerful. Many wore a token or ring emblazoned with the word Mizpah. Or they signed letters with ‘You are always in my thoughts and I love you dearly. Mizpah, forever yours…Touching. Heartwarming. Kept them anchored, kept them going.

If yesterday’s lives were hard…well, agreed, today’s world is far from floating even in the area of perfection, even though we enjoy so many opportunities and freedom.

Be it the daily struggle to make ends meet, to let the kids go to Uni or College, maintain a regular income to build a proper home, coping with disappointments left, right and centre as well as looking for a little bit of love and acknowledgement as individuals as well as seeking truth in that vast web of profits, politics and privileges of often the wrong folks.

Not to mention human tragedies and conflicts, vast challenges, climate change, economic dangers and a globally growing media craze inducing even more fear.

So now wonder that more and more people allover the world are seeking comfort and warmth from the meaning of Mizpah. Hope is alive and so is Faith. Because the meaning of Mizpah is even more relevant today than ever before. Its ancient values of protection, guiding light and love have long found a place in our modern culture.

Mizpah is a timeless spiritual sign of love and peace. The meaning of Mizpah transcends social and cultural barriers, even those of belief. A faithful reminder of one’s own hope and love, to signify the bond between lovers, friends, family and… humanity.

Helena Lind for mizpah.com