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Love Conquers Any Distance

Love Conquers Any Distance

The bond that only sincere love can create between two people is the strongest and most beautiful force on earth because it is an  unbreakable emotional and spiritual connection that makes even a vast distance seem like nothing at all. Time too is not a barrier for the power of love, for even when two people who are truly in love are separated by thousands of miles, great space, many years, or even by decades, they are never truly apart if connected by the uniting power of their deep mutual feelings.

There are a million and one reasons why we cannot always be by the side of the one that we love.

It is for this reason that we must cherish above all else the time that we do have together with them, and be true and faithful to those wonderful memories of perfect oneness and spiritual eternity. And even when it seems as though the pain of separation is unbearable, and that without the trusted guidance of our loved one nearby, we will become adrift in life, we can turn to the power of our faith in one another and we can carry our love’s representation in the shape of emotional symbols.

Symbols have an enormous power to recall the presence of one who is distant.

A symbol can be almost anything, but for such a powerful bond, the symbol should be personal, beautiful and intimate. Turn to symbolic and inspirational jewelry from Mizpah that serves as the perfect way to symbolize the immaculate connection shared by two people. Expertly crafted and timeless with classically designed beauty, all our intricate and highly detailed inspirational jewelry by Mizpah is worn against the skin or near the heart; those places where the touch we so miss and the feelings we radiate live forever.

Durable symbols of commitment, inspirational jewelry is also a protective good luck charm.

Imbuing the wearer with the love and hope of their distant loved one, they provide reassurance of guidance and love that keeps them near no matter the distance, and safe no matter what challenges life sends their way. With all of the emotion that it symbolizes, the good fortune, prosperity, and everlasting love, an original Mizpah truly is the jewel of the heart.

Helena Lind for mizpah.com