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Jewels for Heroes

Jewels for Heroes


Discover angelic protective jewelry on mizpah.comNow, you must read this!  Whilst I climb on my favourite soap box, let’s be straight here. We know how important it is to be positive and brave. However, for those of us who have to say goodbye to a loved one with a dangerous job, each time feels like standing on the edge of a cliff. And just watching them walk out the door feels like the slightest gust of wind will send us over the edge. The mere thought of seeing that person hurt, even in the slightest, can send us spiraling into an abyss of worry, dizzyingly. And still, you smile, right? I know.  It’s tough!  For the families of security personnel every day that they return home is like one immense sigh of relief.

For the loved ones of law enforcement and the armed forces each moment of knowledge, each morning awaking to a comforting call or text message confirming that their beloved is safe, well, that simply feels like miracle. Over, and over again.

How to best show them that you hope and pray for them to be safe and always out of harm’s way?

How to remind yourself of the great powers of love and hope looking out for the one you hold dear? Not any garden variety lucky charm will do for these guys. Only the most meaningful token can be right for you, out there on the dangerous job and those waiting for a safe return. You are heroes, all of you!

For that amazing amulet or meaningful ring that will offer the blessing of protection and the presence of our loved ones, look no further than an original Mizpah® – the one jewel fit for our heroines and heroes.

An ideal gift for the pilot who soars above the earth every day, a timeless ring or pendant from Mizpah will be a gentle yet powerful reminder of the reason he brings the plane in safely time and time again. For the firefighter, a beautifully designed original Mizpah@ will remind her just how important it is to be safe every day.

And for the people who love them, waiting nervously for their return, the protective power of Mizpah’s inspirational jewelry will comfort and reassure them; right up to the point when the one they love walks through the door and is home, safe.

Elegantly designed and expertly crafted to be protective good luck charms and symbols of deep love, Mizpah inspirational jewelry brings people together no matter how far apart they may be.

Symbolizing and enhancing the beauty of the loving connections that bring us all together and keep all of us safe, Mizpah is truly a gift of love. Mizpah – Always Watching Over You. Experience the true jewel of Destiny.

Helena Lind for mizpah.com