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The Right Romantic Gift

The Right Romantic Gift

How to find the perfect inspirational gift with Mizpah.comSometimes, choosing that very special romantic and inspirational jewellery gift in the shops, catalogues and from the internet, can be a bit of a challenge. And there are quite a few regular occasions to cover, so here are a few useful tips on how to find the perfect gift for:

all those Birthdays and  Anniversaries, romantic Valentine’s Day, and festive giving seasons such as Christmas, Hanukkah and more.

And then there is such an over saturation of the same kind of fine and fashion jewels with only a few brands really standing out both for their design and their quality.

Many people are unsure about the real value of a piece of jewellery.

  • Will the ring, pendant or charm I want to purchase for my loved one be good enough?
  • Or will it be flimsy and perish quickly?
  • And what about the price?
  • Am I perhaps charged too much money for what I am getting in the end?
  • And most importantly: will my gift be loved and cherished by the recipient?

When it comes to gifts of love, you surely want to give a present to last. A token of your affection that symbolises both meaningfulness and solidity. Something that spells out quality and longevity by the way it was created, by the way how it looks and how it feels to the touch and by a certain reassuring weight. You can go for a ring or pendant, set in the metal of choice with a birthstone or favourite gems. Do you know them? An easier route may be to look for a piece of jewellery with a an interesting story to tell or a beautiful message to convey.

So, what do you want to say? Good question. When just another lightweight piece carrying yet another industrial ‘I love you’, ‘Best Mum’ or ‘Together Forever’ may not always be all too welcome, especially not, if the intended recipient is a little more discerning in taste and ideals.

Talking of ideals: if you are looking for inspirational jewelry, you want to present a piece of substance, and I am not referring to weight or material value here. A jewel of spiritual substance and meaning of pure goodness and kindness to share your feelings and to show the depth of your emotions. It should be classic and noble, if possible with a special message or even a blessing to boot. Storied, with tradition and history.

For symbolising hope and spirituality you could choose:

  • the Cross in many variations
  • the Lotus
  • a Star of David
  • the Hamsa
  • a Celtic knot
  • the Flower of Life

and ever so many more, to mention only a few.

Heart charms and pendants with entwined or locked hearts are wonderful, too, and they are always welcome.

Back to the practicality of your important task to finding the right jewellery gift:

  • A protective charm is always a great gift idea. It speaks of love and can be worn in more than one way, on a chain around the neck or attached to a bracelet. It is, in a way, a perfect gift, as you can hardly go wrong.
  • An inspirational necklace is an excellent and versatile choice, too, just like the charm, it talks to the recipient and the onlooker alike.
  • Meaningful rings make fabulous gifts if you know the required finger size, however, especially those designs that can be worn on a chain or a cord, too, are often appealing anyway, also to men.
  • A protective and lucky keyring is another superb way to show love and appreciation, for him and her alike, also for family and friends.
A protective pocket or desk jewel would be ideal if you want to brighten someone’s life with a spark of love and hope without giving actual jewellery.
  • How about a romantic set of two rings, charms, necklaces or gems? Very symbolic and true.
Look and shop around to find that unique piece of jewellery. It is possible to find enchanting rings, charms or pendants even with a limited budget.
Check out the web, smaller brands and shops and be watchful as to where and how the jewels are manufactured and what they actually weigh.

And thank you for taking a look at our unique Mizpah® Collection of inspirational jewellery and gifts. You may just found what you are looking for.

If you have questions, just get in touch.