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About us


to Gifts of Love by Mizpah®, designer and retailer of exquisite and high quality romantic jewellery. We are proud to offer outstanding, inspirational jewelry and protective gifts for shoppers around the world. We simply adore your stories, on how you gave meaningful happiness to a loved one by presenting them with one of our Mizpah Jewels. Please visit our inspirational articles and our Facebook page for more information. We look forward to connect with you.


What sets us apart is a true passion for expert craftsmanship and attention to detail that our continuously updated website showcases. With breathtaking, solid pieces at affordable designs, our brand is reimagining the world of jewelry. While the market is awash with mass produced pieces of varying quality, Mizpah® stands out with a product line of intricate rings, pendants, charms and gifts, ethically made by artisans, yet still at amazing value.


The Mizpah® website boasts features for the modern, sophisticated global shopper. With worldwide shipping and an thoughtfully created small but elite catalog of original designs, our online presence is here to make your enjoyment of emotional and symbolic jewelry easier than ever. Our customers hail from all around the world and we are very proud of helping many lovely people in the UK, the USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Europe who allow our jewels to speak for them of their caring and tender feelings.


Drawing from ancient scriptures and centuries of tradition and wisdom, the Mizpah® brand represents the unbreakable strength of a lasting bond between tenderly connected souls. Each intricately detailed and finely crafted piece is not only a collectible accessory, but a spiritual token that represents feelings words cannot express. Designed as a symbol of love and comfort for those together or apart yet ever-near in their hearts, Mizpah® jewelry transcends trends and fashion by offering a touch of eternity.


We believe, that the jewelry we wear should be more than the sum of its materials. Its only one of the reasons why unique gifts by Mizpah® experience a growing status as a reputable producer and retailer of truly special and powerful jewellery. Goodness and kindness are not hollow phrases for us. We promote a positive life and that we all should care for others to bring more hope and joy into this increasingly cold, material and challenging world.


With great deals for purchasing couples, new lines, and an easy-to-navigate site, the Mizpah® experience is closer to global citizens than ever before, fast becoming a leader in finely crafted and yet still affordable emotive jewelry. We preserve and promote ethics both in the making of our jewels and gifts and in offering lovers, friends and families to enjoy one of the most important blessings in the history of meaningful jewellery. Explore the loving world of www.mizpah.com and learn more about the story behind the Mizpah® experience.