About us

From the depths of ancient scripture comes a word so full of pure meaning, that centuries of generations of have sought after it and engraved it in their trinkets and stones.

Mizpah is a mystical benediction that comes from a time almost immemorial. It stands for trust, protection and hopeful expectation. The covenant of harmony and peace that Jacob and Laban agreed, so the Book of Genesis tells us, reads as follows: “Mizpah - The Lord watch between me and thee when we are absent one from another.”


Since then, the special meaning of this beautiful and inspirational word helped countless people to built monuments of hope to its message of peaceful understanding. And as the world grew increasingly chaotic, hateful and violent, the legend of Mizpah began to strike an even more vivid contrast, spreading its declaration of tolerance, goodness, and wisdom.

Throughout the ages, those that believed in the hopeful message of Mizpah would engrave it on lucky charms or amulets and bestow these gifts to loved ones to serve as a tender reminder of divine protection.

Following the tradition of those that came before us, we’ve created a stunning collection of inspirational pendants, charms, rings and protective gifts that bear the message and gentle power of Mizpah.

Each pendant is crafted by some of the finest jewelry makers in Britain and Europe.


All of our inspirational Mizpah jewellery is made from fine, precious materials and crafted following venerable traditions by small manufacturing companies.

Our Mizpah Jewels are cherished around the globe.

Many people have enjoyed giving different Mizpah jewels to their loved ones, knowing that they give a gift of deepest affection and togetherness, emblazoned on the hearts of ever so many people for centuries.

A Mizpah gift is a token that brings with it the goodwill of those around the world who believe in goodness, kindness and eternal love.

The message of Mizpah, love, hope, faith and infinite togetherness, is meant to be shared and cherished. It forever unites hearts under a singular and beautiful symbolic benediction of loving destiny.

With our remarkable, heirloom quality selection of Mizpah pendants, you, too, can give the gift and blessing of Mizpah to those you love, to touch their souls forever.