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A Mizpah speaks for you

A Mizpah speaks for you

Imagine to be able to convey a message from your heart to a loved one or a friend without having to think twice how to express yourself. Experience an original Gift of Love by Mizpah.

Every emotion, every hope, every thought, all condensed into one single word of great meaning, adorning a beautifully made piece of jewelry. Your affection and caring transposed into something that can actually be touched, be held.

In the past, we knew without doubt, that a simple act could change the world around us, could alter our perceptions into something completely new. We believed in divine destiny.

But in this modern time, we have let that understanding be squashed, crushed beneath waves of doubt and, often, loathing. 
 But things don’t have to be that way! Everyone is able to make a change

Mizpah is a magical word of old that can change someone’s world.  Because it signifies pure meaning.

It can say so much when and where words may fail.
I am thinking of you. Take good care. 
Forgive me. 
I like you a lot. All will turn out well
. Do not give in.
 There is hope. You mean so much to me
. You are a wonderful person. You are so special. Someone is watching over you. My love is always with you.

Be inspired and carry your inspiration into the hearts and souls of those precious to you.

Be Mizpah.

Helena Lind for mizpah.com