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Mizpah inspirational jewellery & protective lucky charms

Emotional Mizpah rings and pendants...

... inspired by ancient scripture, talk to us of a mysterious word of blessing, hope and divine inspiration. Helena Lind,'s founder and designer, refers to Mizpah* as her celestial magic Word of Paradise™.

Discover the loving power of our storied queen of lucky charms. And welcome to the true secret of happiness.

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A Piece of Home Abroad - every step of the wayThe measure of true love and friendship is not being inseparable, but discovering that after being separated nothing changes is a reassuring experience too. Those of us with friends who are plagued by wanderlust know the feeling of being separated all too often ...

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How to be There?

How to be there with MizpahOur busy, eventful lives can lead us to feel insecure, worried, or stressed, especially when away from home. And sometimes we question ourselves or doubt our abilities and even the world we live in today ...

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With every Mizpah®

Mizpah® & CoOh yes, we here at take pride in our meaningful design, quality and craftsmanship. But did we mention that every original Mizpah® Gift will be supplied to you including a personalizable benediction card, a lovely free ...

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